Headway Themes — The Drag & Drop WordPress Theme


A Little History

This site was started as a personal blog and was used to record my personal experiences and lessons learnt while using Headway Themes to develop web sites and blog. As I’m such a short-memory person and also due to frequent update to Headway Themes so documenting the steps down will be helpful as I could refer to them as and when I need them.

To get a quick start, I used Bloggera free blog from Google but later I realized there were people accessing my blog leaving comments and asking questions. I soon found out that Google Blogger was not really user friendly when replying comments. At the same time, I realized there was no way to categorize and manage my posts into relevant categories. Hence, I decided to switch to a WordPress platform as it gave me better control over the layout and functionality. Most importantly, I can find my own tutorials quickly and easily using WordPress platform. 😀

A Site is Born

So here it is! The site is migrated over now and hopefully, it can become good resources for Headway Themes users or potential users.


I believe while you are using Headway Themes, you must have encountered one or few problems but eventually you must have found some solutions to your problem. Sometimes, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction could inspire you to write a story on that. If you have such feeling and experience, why not share it with the rest of the Headway Themes users.  We all know very well only users who encountered the same problem will give you the best solutions to your problems. Therefore, learning from fellow users is one of the fastest ways to pick up or polish your skills and who’s know, you might save someone hairs too! 🙂

Let’s help one another to learn and grow! Your efforts and spirits are greatly appreciated! If you have anything to contribute, please submit your tutorial by using this form.

A big thank you in advance and hear from you soon!

Lynn C. aka OdeBlogger