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Adding Google Analytics To Blog Without Using Plugins

For those of you who wish to add Google Analytics to your blog, you might be thinking of using Google Analytics plugins. However, as we know that the more plugins we installed in wordpress, the more problems they will create in future especially when you need to troubleshoot in future. Therefore, if there is a chance to avoid plugin, I’ll try all means to avoid it.

Good news if you are using Headway Premium WordPress Theme, it is surprisingly easy to install the Google Analytics script without using plugin. What you need to do it just copy the script from Google Analytics and paste it inside the Easy Hook at the wordpress admin panel.

  1. Log in to your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Click on Headway to expand the option.
  3. Click on Easy Hooks and under “Select a Hook”, select “Before Header Link”.
  4. Log into Google Analytics, copy the script from Google Analytics then paste the script into the text box at the “Before Header Link”.
  5. Click on “Save Changes” to save.
  6. Go back to Google Analytics to click on “Save Changes” to save.
  7. If the Google Analytics script is successfully installed, you will it a little clock icon under the status column at Google Analytics dashboard.

If you have not installed any plugin for Google Analytics, try the above method. It will help to cut down one plugin and make maintenance of your blog so much easier to manage in future.

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