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Easier Way to Redirect Your Site Permanently

What is the fastest and easier way to redirect your site permanently? Technically speaking, doing a 301 redirect of your site will help to maintain your search ranking in search engines without showing your visitors a 404 page error. Your visitors will redirect to a new URL even though they have clicked on the old URL found in the search engines.

There are few methods of doing a redirecting such as changing your php or .htaccess files but might not easy for less technical inclined. But I’ve found a method which is easier and fast, that is using a plugin called “Redirections”. It is free and can be downloaded here but it only work in WordPress platform.

Besides, doing the basic redirecting, the “Redirection” plugin keeps a log file which shows you the number of hits of each URL that you are redirecting.

If you are interested to use the plugin, follow the below steps to start.

  1. Download the “Redirection plugin” here from WordPress.org.
  2. Install the plugin according the instruction given here.
  3. If it is successful, you will see “Redirection” under the “Tools” at left hand panel.
  4. Click on “Redirection”.
  5. You can start adding old URL and the new URL you want it to redirect to under “Add New Redirection”.
  6. Fill in the old URL at “Source URL” and new URL at “Target URL”.
    (Note: If you already have a file, you can import it instead of typing the URLs individually. The import function can be found at “Option” at the top.)
  7. After filling the 2 URLs, click on “Add Redirection” green button to add.
  8. You will see the URL added appearing on top with a light green bar.
  9. You can continue adding the next URL by repeating step 6-7.

(Note: There is a small flaw as there is no auto clear function after adding the URL so do not be alarmed when you see the URL you entered still remaining in the entry box. Just overwrite and continue entering new data.)

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