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How to Link Pinboard Pins to External URL?

One of my clients is interested to add a “Shop” section to her blog (made by Headway Themes builder) to sell affiliate products. She likes the Pinboard-style layout and fortunately Headway Themes has a Pinboard block which can turn her blog layout easily into a Pinboard-style layout. The only problem is that the client does not want the individual thumbnails or pins to link directly to the individual posts but to the merchants’ websites instead. However, the Pinboard from Headway Themes does not have such feature and after exploring a few options, it seems that the easier way to do it is to use WordPress plugins.

Redirect the Post to Merchants’ Website

To prevent the thumbnails or pins to go directly to the individual posts, they have to redirect immediately to the merchants’ website once they are clicked so using a redirect plugin should do the trick. After testing a few plugins, the Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin is the best to do the job. Once the plugin is installed and activated, it will add an additional screen option under edit post.


It allows you to enter the redirect URL which can be your affiliate link and then specify the type of redirect. The default redirect is 302 temporary and you can just leave it as it is and click update to save. Everything would work well but you will soon see one problem; it does not open the merchant’s website in a new window. The plugin has a “Open redirect link in a new window” in its option but it is not working. According to the plugin author, it has to do with how the theme had created its permalink.

Nevertheless, this plugin seems to be the best fit for the job so it would be a pity to give it up. I managed to find another plugin – Open external links in a new window that could force the links opening in a new window. This will help to solve the problem from now.


It may not be ideal to use too many WordPress plugins to achieve one task so hopefully the developer of Pinboard block could consider adding more features and allow more flexibility in future upgrade.

If you have a better idea to tackle such problem, please share it in the comment below.