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How to Display a Page in a Small Section in Home Page?

When you are building a web site on a wordpress platform, there might be a time where you need to display a page at your home page, for example, to display a promotion page. The promotion page can contain in a little box and has limited height, if you think it is difficult to achieve this using Headway Theme, it is not.


Steps to Add a Page to a Block
  1. Log into your wordpress dashboard, hover over “Headway” either at the top or left side bar, click on “Visual Editor”.
  2. Once you are in the visual editor mode, draw a “Content Block” where you want your page to display.
  3. Hover over the block you have drawn and click on “Option” icon on the top right hand side of the block.
  4. It will open up the bottom panel with more options.
  5. Under the “Mode” option and at the “Query Mode”, change the “Default Behavior” to “Custom Query”.
  6. Once it is changed to “Custom Query”, there will be a different set of options display at the option panel.
  7. Click on the “Query Filters” and at the “Fetch Page Content”, select the page you want to display, in this example, it is the “Promotion” page.
  8. If the promotion page is long and need to display at a fixed height, click on “Display” at the option panel and at the “Entry Content Display”, select “Show Excerpts”. A “Continue Reading” button will appear after the excerpt.
  9. If you find the word “Continue Reading” is too long and you wish to change it, move your cursor over to the first box – “Read More Text” box (same row as “Entry Content Display”) and replace the word “Continue Reading” with your own words, e.g. “Read More … “.
  10. Next, if do not want to display the “Title” of the page, you can uncheck “Show Titles” at the Display option.
  11. After the changes, remember to click on the green button “Save” on the top right corner to save.

You can display any specific page as you want but make sure these pages are already created and published in your wordpress dashboard otherwise you will not be able to see the page in the visual editor.

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