Headway Themes — The Drag & Drop WordPress Theme


Backup & Migration Tools

  • BackupBuddy: A handy tool for website backup, restoration and migration.

Browser Compatibility Test

  • BrowserShot.org: To see how your website and blog will look like in different operating systems and different browsers.


Get some color inspiration for your website or blog


Graphics / Images

  • iStockphoto: If you need professional and not so expensive images, check out istockphoto for wide range of photos, images and icons for your website.
  • Grid System Generator: Create custom grid system for your website.
  • Free Social Media Icons: Get dozens of free but unique social media icons for your blog.
  • UI Live Tools: A very handy tool that allows you to create & customize your own buttons, form, favicon and ribbon for your site.

WordPress Tutorials


  • What is My Screen Resolution: Use this website to check your screen resolution.
  • Dummy Text Generator: If your content is not ready and you need text to develop your blog, use this tool to generate paragraph of dummy text for you first.
  • Grid System: A basic understanding of grid system will help you to know the optimal width use to design your website or blog.
  • Pingdom: A handy tool to test the loading speed of your web page.