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If you are a Headway Themes user, you must have discovered some tips, techniques or even new ideas while using Headway Themes to build your site or blog. So instead of keeping them in your secret memory, why not share them with other Headway Themes users by submitting these amazing tips and solutions to this site. You will be deeply appreciated for your efforts as they could be the life-saver for some users’ site-building problems.

Topics Required
The topics that this site is looking are site building tips, How-to techniques, child themes development, themes design, ecommerce tutorials, customized CSS code and PHP coding. Besides the already mentioned, those unexpected mistakes you have made and lessons learnt from using Headway Themes are equally important. They are welcome because many users will want to avoid the pitfalls too.

In return for your efforts, you will get backlinks to your own website or blog and full credits for your posts. In addition, every of your posts will contain an author bio of yourself which you can link to your Facebook or Twitter.

Tutorial Requirements

  • Original
    The tutorial or article you are going to submit must be original and not publish elsewhere especially at Headway Themes site. Once published at TutorialSOS.com, the tutorial or post should not be published elsewhere. The proposed topic should not be found either in this site unless you have a different approach from the original post.
  • Proper usage rights
    Use images only when you have either purchased or created yourself. Images and screen capture must not be more than 600 pixels width.
  • Credits
    Provide links, source, acknowledgement or credits if you are quoting some other people works.
  • Send the post in .doc or .html file with screenshots embedded or attached.
  • Send us your short bio in not more than 200 words with 2 links in maximum and your photo.
  • Do a thorough spells check for your grammar and punctuation.
  • Wrap your CSS code in <css></css> tags and <php></php> when you are providing PHP code in your posts.
  • Provide a short paragraph of your system information such as which version of wordpress and Headway Themes you are using.
  • Use simple and direct conversational tone when you are writing. Treat your targeted readers as a beginner and write down every step clearly so that nobody will miss out any critical steps.
  • No affiliate or referral links are allowed in the posts.

There is no guarantee that all posts will be accepted but you will be informed of the reasons for rejection.

Give me Your Helping Hands!
If you are interested to help fellow users stop pulling their hairs for their site-building and coding problems, submit your tutorial or post now! Fill up the form here and you will be informed within a week when your tutorial or post is accepted.