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Alternate Way to Remove Category Archives Title in Headway 3

If you are looking for an alternate way to hide or remove the category archive title as shown as “Category Archives:Titles” in your archive pages, you got it here! This method is easier without the need to create a child theme and a functions.phpfile as suggested by the Headway support team.

Hide the Category Archive Title

  1. Go to the Headway visual editor and click on the “design” tab on the top left hand corner.
  2. Once in the design mode, click on the Live CSS and add in the following code.
    .archive-title {display:none;}
  3. Save the changes and you will see the words “Category Archives:” is removed including the title of the category but fear not as you are going to add the title back later.
  4. Add a Block for the Title
  5. Still in the visual editor, click on “Grid” tab on the top left hand corner to go to the grid mode.
  6. Click on the “Blog Index” as you are going to customize the layout for the blog index page.
  7. You can draw in the header, sidebar, content and footer and do a mirror to these blocks to achieve the layout you already have.
  8. Once you have all the blocks in place, draw a custom code block above the content block where you are going to add in the title.
  9. Click on the option at the custom code block and this will bring up the option panel at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Click on the pencil icon besides the “Content”.
  11. Type in the title for e.g. “What’s New” and click on “Save” at the top right hand corner to save the changes.
  12. You can see the title “What’s New” now appears on your page without the annoying word “Category Archives:”.
  13. You may want to style the title so it looks like the rest.
  14. You can add in the following CSS code to style it and also add some spacing on top and bottom.
    <div style="font-size: 28px; color: #067299; font-family: arial, helvetica; margin: 25px 0 30px 0;">What's New</div>
  15. If you want a cleaner way to style this, you can add the CSS code in the Live CSS and assign the CSS class to the title.

Hopefully, you will find this useful as I know not everybody is comfortable in messing the PHP code or creating child theme. This will serve as another alternative.

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