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How to have a Coming Soon Page while Developing Your Website?

When you are starting a new website, you may like to put up a “coming soon” or “welcome” page first at your homepage. This is to prepare your visitors or customers if they happen to bump into your under-construction website. Secondly, you could also spare your visitors the mess of the website while you areRead More

How to Solve the File Upload & No Attachment Problem in Contact Form 7?

Contact form 7 is one of the beloved WordPress plugins well liked by many Headway Themes users. It is not only free but easy to use but many users struggled with one problem – its file upload feature. The most common scenarios are: Added a file upload to the contact form. When the form wasRead More

How to Add Multiple Galleries in a WordPress Page?

I believe you might have seen some WordPress gallery where the authors dumped all the images or photos in the gallery page without any organization. If the visitors need to find certain image, they might have to go through the entire gallery to do it. It is highly recommended that if you could group yourRead More

Another Way to add HTML Table Easily to Your WordPress Post

Those of you who are used to coding HTML table in html editors might find it is such a pain to do it in WordPress. Although there are plugins, for example the WP-Table-Reloadedavailable for creating table in WordPress but it is not as friendly as it should be. In my previous post, “How to CreateRead More

How to Create Multiple Databases for Multiple WordPress Installation

Recently, a visitor asked how to have multiple databases while installing different wordpress in one of my posts titled “Installing Second Copy of WordPress in Sub-domain Directory”? So in this post, I will try to describe the steps involved in creating another database for another wordpress installation. If you are wondering why you need anotherRead More

Difference between Add Image and Add Media to WordPress Blog?

If you are new to using WordPress, you might confuse between adding an image and adding media or gallery to your wordpress page or post. There is a difference between these two features. Add Image The “Add Image” feature is quite straightforward as it places image in your page or post. If you are placingRead More

Unable to Upload Files to WordPress Sub-directories after Migration

I have finished developing a site in a test sub-directory and am ready to move to the actual sub-domain. I specially purchased BackupBuddy from iTheme to help me with the migration as I read a lot of positive comments about this plugin. It is said to be one of the foolproof ways to migrate oneRead More

The Events Calendar Plugin with Google Map

If you are looking for an event plugin for your site or blog, you may like to try the “Events Calendar” developed by Shane & Peter. The events calendar is easy to install and use than other event calendar plugins. What made it difference from the rest is it has Google Map embedded in it.Read More

Installing Second Copy of WordPress in Sub-domain Directory

At times, you may need to have another WordPress site besides the main WordPress site at your root directory, for example, another WordPress site for your sub-domain. If you are contemplating whether you can install the WordPress directly into your sub-domain directory to do your design and development works while keeping the current static website,Read More